Ellen Mooney - Mixed Media


Nottingham based Ellen began painting in watercolour many years ago.
In 2015 her life changed in an instant when she suffered a Stroke, resulting in a loss of speech and the use of her right arm.
Painting then became a means of rehabilitation. We are delighted that Ellen has made an excellent recovery, with only speech occasionally letting her down.
Her work has evolved and she now works in acrylics, inks, collage and various other mediums, creating texture and a 'realistic abstract' feel to her art.
Ellen mainly paints street scenes, seascapes and landscapes from both home and abroad and she loves nothing more than pushing the envelope to see what she can get.
Ellen also paints commissions and is a member of Nottingham Society of Artists.
So why not visit the shop to experience Ellen's truly unique style.

Katie Sanderson - Enamelist


Local Enameller Katie Sanderson was first introduced to enamelling through her mum, an experienced and accomplished enameller in her own right.

It soon became something she loved and still finds incredibly satisfying. Every time a piece goes in the kiln she knows that once it's out and cooling there will be a different result every time.

Enamelling can be incredibly unpredictable yet also an art form that with time and experience you can learn its patterns its tricks, how temperatures play a huge part, how depths of enamel change the outcome, how one method can interact with another.

The process can make Katie feel like an alchemist and other times totally at the mercy of the materials, being unable to predict what the kiln will bring me.

Katie's inspirations are broad. A lot coming from the natural world, she often pick up leaves stones or photograph flowers for there colours and textures, other times it comes from animals like taking photos of snakes for there patterned bodies, but she's always on the look out anything that provides a new combination of colour and texture for inspiration.

Art You Wear - Justine Nettleton


Justine Nettleton is a Long Eaton based Fine Artist. She paints landscapes and site specific artwork. She exhibits nationally and internationally.

Her jewellery is inspired by her paintings. She uses her paintings at various stages of completion as source material for the colours and textures in her brooches and pendants. 

She incorporates her love of nature into her botanical designs while animals and birds are a source of inspiration for her brooches.

Each piece is individually made by the artist and no two animal brooches are identical.

Philip Boxall - The Curate's Room


Derbyshire Phil's main business is quality picture framing but while walking his dog in the local woods had a 'light bulb' moment.
Looking at a larger than comfortable silver birch tree branch coming towards him in Aphra's mouth he was struck by the inherent beauty of the bark and decided to take a piece home, dry it out and turn it into a piece of natural art which he now does regularly with great success.
Philip does everything on his 'bark art' pieces from making the frame, cutting the glass and mount, shaping the bark and even using his calligraphy training to add uplifting and inspirational phrases to start your day on the right foot.
Philip only sells his work in a select small number of outlets so we are very fortunate to have him join us at Created By Hand.

Dawn Feeney


Nottingham based Dawn Feeney is a very talented lady indeed.

After graduating from Loughborough college of Art and Design with a BA hons in Jewellery Design and Silversmithing she was then accepted onto a One Year Bursary which included working with one of the country's leading silversmiths, Rod Kelly. Under Rods supervision she furthered her knowledge and technique of 'chasing' in jewellery.
With home-made traditional tools and a hammer this technique allows the maker to draw and 'markmake' on the silver, this when polished brings the metal alive with both texture and reflection.

There are any number of medium that an artist can use to express their vision and as well as silver and watercolours, Dawn Feeney has chosen copper as the basis for a number of her designs.

If you go back to your school days you may remember that as copper becomes hotter, a rainbow of permanent colours are transmitted thought the surface depending on the temperature the the metal is at.

Dawn takes a fine blow torch and uses this inherent feature of copper to create something quite beautiful.

Using the finest and yet sharpest tools her subjects range from insect life through to fish and other sea creatures, all of which emerge from the frame. Dawns copper art always includes the finest embossed detailing which she adds by hand using the silver chasing techniques from her informative years.

Dawn has left a great selection of her work with us and we are confident that once you see them in real life you will appreciate the skill and talent involved in producing these artworks and fall in love with them like we have done.


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