Sean Keefe / Dan Moor - Muggins Pottery


What do Muggins  Pottery make? It's quite simple really - they make pottery with faces on. Cats, dogs, mice, mugs, goblets, boxes, teapots, bowls. The whole range.

Muggins pride themselves in making and supplying high quality pottery to their own individual and unique designs, something they've been doing for over 30 years.

They don't mass-produce their pottery - every item and every face that has ever been made at Muggins is hand-made and unique.

Along with Sean, Dan Moor makes everything by hand. One of the aspects that ensures the continuing quality and desirability is that just these two craftsmen create all the pieces produced at Muggins. Whilst this limits the availability of the pottery it means that it is their skills, knowledge and humour that will maintain the unique characteristics of their designs.

Lis Greensmith - Lily Mosaics


Lily Mosaics will be 10 years old this year and Nottingham based mosaic artist Lis Greensmith has generated a large faithful following in that time....


And Why Not !!


Lis makes quirky and beautiful mosaic items for the home and garden.
Loving anything colourful, patterned and tactile, Lis makes her mosaic designs using a huge variety of materials, from vitreous glass and ceramic tiles to vintage finds, buttons and sea-tumbled pottery and glass nuggets. 
 Come to Created By Hand and see Lis' pieces in the flesh to fully appreciated them

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