David Humphreys - Fused Glass


Our owner and resident fused glass artist, David began working with glass over 20 years ago as a hobby and his first piece was a Tiffany style lamp which he still has today. After many years working with stained glass David then bought a second hand kiln and started work fusing and slumping glass.


Although coming from an engineering background and having completed a BEng (Hons) in 1988, David is happiest working with glass which he now does full time.


David's products are designed and made to enhance any living room, kitchen or bathroom, as well as providing novel personalised gifts for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.


"Every piece of fused glass art I sell is hand cut, shaped, layered and finally fused in my Nottingham studio and I am continuously developing new and contemporary designs. Because of this, designs are highly individual and exclusive with no two pieces exactly the same".

Jo Dunn - Glass Veneering


Whilst doing Batik, Jo became inspired by the amazing colours and textures created by the dyes on tissue paper. Over a period of time she experimented to find a way to capture this in the most effective way and she has now perfected the art of Paper Veneering.


Tissue paper is dyed many times to create a myriad of colours and patterns and then treated until soft and pliable, when it can be applied to glass items, making them iridescent and magical as the colours reflect the light, transforming plain glass into functional pieces of artwork!.


This is a delicate and lengthy process - however once it is dry, it is very resilient.


The glass is sourced second hand whenever possible.


Jo also works with fresh petals which are quickly pressed and applied to the glass before the paper to capture and enhance their beauty.

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