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As with many of the makers selling through Created By Hand, uber-talented people with quirky hobbies reach a level when their hobby becomes a viable business proposition and for Paul Parry of Bad Dog Designs this has been the case.

Since childhood, Paul has been the sort of person who will take things apart to see how they work, and then put them back together again (sometimes even in the right order). Fascinated with electronics, Paul’s parents stopped buying him toys; instead, his father would take him to the local scrap yard and they would come home with a car full of old radios and televisions and goodness knows what else, all of which Paul would subsequently dismantle and fiddle with.

Educated in electronics to an HND (Higher National Diploma), Paul moved into research and development work with embedded microcontrollers, his job taking him all over the world commissioning communication equipment.

Towards the end of 2014, Paul stumbled across a Nixie clock online. Remembering Nixie tubes from some of the equipment he used to dismantle as a boy, he looked around the internet and discovered quite a few Nixie tube-based clocks and thought “I can do that," so he decided to have a go.

It quickly dawned on Paul that people liked his slightly different Nixie tube clock creations and as each one sold, it allowed him to purchase more tubes and bits of equipment to convert into clocks.

The name Bad Dog Designs can be attributed to Paul and Karen’s retriever, Max, who has an affinity for stinking muddy puddles. True to form, Max vanished into the trees. After much shouting and calling, he eventually returned with his tail between his legs, filthy and stinking. And this explains how the "Bad Dog" portion of the company name came to be.

Since late 2014, Bad Dog Designs has transitioned from its humble, spare room origins to now running from a dedicated workshop and Paul has now taken the plunge, left his day job, and spends his days happily working at Bad Dog Designs, making clocks, and following his passion.

Paul won a Merit Award in the International Arts & Crafts Design Award, 2016 and we are extremely pleased to be offering a range of his creations in the shop including clocks and extremely cute ‘Diode Dudes’ fabricated from electronic components.

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