Lisa Reid - The Akari Cards


We are very fortunate to be stocking Lisa Reids beautiful range of hand crafted cards from The Akari.

Using traditional techniques, Lisa brings flower pressing into the 21st century with bold colours, shapes and forms.

Pressing flowers from her own garden she creates new 'flowers' and abstract shapes, almost jewel like in their translucency. Exposing the stamen, anther, style and stigma, parts of the plant that we rarely get to see.

She then captures them in gossamer like resin which is woven across an aperture to create a stunning greeting card. The clarity of the glue makes a perfect partnership, suspending the petals and allowing the glow of light to pass through. Illuminating colour and texture. The light acts as one aspect of the perception of space, creating the illusion of weightlessness.

Perfect for any occasion, bringing joy and lifting spirits.

Steve Dunn and Ming Chung - Pop Press


Imagine those newspaper offices you've seen in old western films where there's a cranky, hand operated print machine with flat plates and rollers, inking a pad and then pressing onto paper to produce the latest edition of the 'Boot Hill times' or Wanted posters for the Sherriff.

Well, this isn't a million miles away from how Steve and Ming Dunn produce their quirky range of letter press products.

'Doris', their Arab letterpress has been busily printing since 1924 and is now put to full use making beautiful things for you to enjoy.

Set up and ink mix is critical in this business if you want to produce high quality prints like these and with Steve's architectural images and Ming's unusual twists added the end results are quite remarkable.

As well as the 'Invasion' range of greeting cards that can be bought individually, as a boxed set or framed, we also have a range of collectible coasters depicting iconic Nottingham landmarks and letter press printed notebooks to write down your 'Evil Plans' or Killer Ideas'.

If what you see brings a smile to your face then come and see us to admire these beautiful items for yourselves and join the 'Adventures in Letterpress'.

Steve and Ming (......and Doris!) We really love your work

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