Ray Sylvester - Temima Crafts
A Box is a box is a box! Right?... Wrong!
That is if it’s a ‘Bloomin’ Clever Box’
Ray and Kathy Sylvester established Temima Crafts in 1995 after taking early retirement from teaching.
Over the years they have designed, made and sold a range of products, many combining wood and textiles.
Since 2003 Temima Crafts has become associated with increasingly intricate multi level band saw cut wooden boxes.
As intriguing on the inside as they are beautiful on the outside, Ray chooses the wood for these unique wooden boxes with great care and travels the country to find interesting pieces.
They are all made from a single piece of wood and are hand finished, sealed,
flocked, oiled and waxed to make them very tactile. Each box is designed to the shape of the piece of wood that Ray begins with and is unique with handles, lids and drawers.
Despite appearances they are not puzzle boxes, although people who like puzzle or ‘magic’ boxes often buy them. They are actually designed to put things in, not to keep people out! They can be used for small objects such as jewellery, keepsakes etc. or as a source of interest and fun.
Why not pop into the shop ask a member of staff to explain what
Makes these boxes so ‘Bloomin Clever’

Sheila Wharton - Betsy Bumble's Affordable Housing


It’s been a while since we had a new maker join us at Created By Hand but we do like to only pick the best.

That’s why we invited Sheila Wharton (a.k.a Betsy Bumbles) to sell through the shop.


‘Betsy’s’ handmade cottages are made from reclaimed wood and lovingly made in her cottage in Cheshire.

Tiny windows, soft colours and weathered wood gives each unique home a naive charm.

Taking inspiration from real cottages found in our beautiful English villages while out walking Betsy’s pieces inspire warmth and nostalgia – Granted .......they are a little too small to move in to but a perfect size for a mantle piece or shelf.


Commissions can be taken to personalise pieces so pop in to the shop and find out more today.

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