Personalised Gifts

A big plus for us here at Created By Hand is that, because all our gifts are handmade, we can offer a personalisation service on many things.


This page gives a brief look at the range of ideas that can be made especially for you!


Fused Glass Ultrasounds


Don’t keep your precious ultrasound image tucked away. Let us fuse the first picture of your child into glass.


These gifts can be presented on a wooded plinth, in a presentation box or wall mountable as a piece of art (pictured).

Shapes, sizes, colours can all be adjusted to your requirements with prices starting at £28.00.


Also suitable for Wedding Day / Anniversary / Graduation photos


Ceramic Hearts


These creamic hearts are a suitable gift for a range of occassions such as Wedding Days, Christenings, Graduations etc. etc.


Personalise with your own text and choose from a range of different coloured glazes to complete the hanger.


These can be produced as 2 heart hanger (£25.00) or 3 heart hangers (£30.00) depending on what you would like to say 


Book Art


It takes patience and extreme accuracy to produce images by folding pages of books but the effects can be amazing.


Ideal for Wedding Days, First Anniversaries or just to say something to a special friend, both letters and numbers can be folded into the pages and prices start from around £17



Immortalised Baby Shoes


If you still have baby's first shoes in the loft then consider ‘immortalising’ them at Created By Hand.


Shoes are treated so that they are hardened, given a bronze look effect and if you would like, beautifully mounted on a wooden block with a picture frame.


Prices for this unique and very personal service start at £22.50 (£45 mounted).


Personalised Pottery


Muggins Pottery produce quirky and 'smile making' collectibles which can be personalised with names and / or dates.


There's a wide range of gifts made that can have letters added so why not look at the 'Ceramics' section of our Designers / Makers pages for ideas.



Flattened Glass Bottles


If your other half has a favorite beer or if you have a special champagne, whisky or wine bottle that is gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere then consider bringing it back into the light.


Through a controlled heating process a bottle can be flattened and turned into something fuctional - like a clock or just framed on it's own with an added inscription and kept as a piece of art.


Beer bottle clock conversion prices start at £12.95.

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